About Us

Hi there! I'm Steven

I started Insane Camo because I am fascinated by the camouflage design and patterns.

From natural tiger stripes to army green military camouflage. urbanization and natural environmental feel. The camo style is awesome and it reflects my favorite animals, the big cats. Tigers, Lions, the African and Snow Leopards.

They are all extremely beautiful and we should protect them from extinction. I personally wear lots of camo pattern clothings and have camo designs as my wallpaper. I even have a camo styled wallet. Everything is camo!

I found that there are many people like me that also have a great taste in fashion and style, so I tried to fulfill my desires but I struggled a lot. That's when I decided to fill the gap and list all of the cool camo products I could find on one site(insanecamo.com), now I only need to have one tab open and not 21.